Welcome to the upcoming event page.

Covid-19 has curtailed our in-person events, and I miss seeing readers and discussing my books with them.


We will have a number of virtual programs this year, and if you would like to be notified, please fill out the form on this page.


Thanks and I look forward to the time we can be together in-person again.



Upcoming events

I will be participating in the Blue Ridge Writers Open House and Book Sale on April 15th. It is at The Center at Belvedere, 540 Belvedere Blvd., Charlottesville, Virginia. The time is 4:30-6:00 p.m.

I will be giving two workshops on Intelligence and Crime Analysis at the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Agencies annual conference in Dallas, TX from 25-29 April. My workshops are on April 27 and 28 from 0800 to 0930 in the morning. 

Please notify me of upcoming events