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David Cariens

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David Cariens


David Cariens is a retired CIA officer. He spent most of his thirty-one years at the Agency as a political analyst dealing with Eastern Europe. In this capacity he wrote for all levels of the U.S. government--from the President to the working level analysts and policymakers.

Dave served as an officer overseas in Eastern Europe and as an editor at the BBC/Foreign Broadcast Information Service facility outside London. He headed the CIA University program to teach new analysts writing and briefing skills. He also served on the CIA's Inspector General’s staff. Cariens currently teaches Intelligence Analysis and Writing for the Intelligence Community. In addition to his work in the U.S., Dave  has taught intelligence and crime analysis for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Correctional Service of Canada, and he has taught for the Singapore Police. He served as a member of the Ad-hoc Program Advisory Committee (PAC) relative to the development of the Bachelor of Applied Public Safety (BAPS) - Specialization in Crime and Intelligence Analysis at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada. He teaches a course at the University of Richmond’s Osher Institute entitled, “What Should We Expect From Intelligence.” He is also an adjunct professor in Virginia Commonwealth University’s Homeland Security Department.   ​

His new textbook, “A Handbook for Intelligence and Crime Analysts” is slated for publication in 2015.

​Dave is also a victims' rights advocate, working pro bono for the families of the Virginia Tech shootings.

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